Lisvane Community Library

The Community Library is currently closed. The library has been located in the Annex on the Old School site while the new Community Centre has been under construction. However, the new building is now complete and has been handed over to the trustees.

Re-opening  The Library will move to the Old School Hall in the new building in January 2022. This will involve moving all the books and furniture across and re-stacking the shelves. This will likely take a few days to accomplish, but shall open as soon as we can. We are expecting Covid restrictions still to be in force and these will dictate how and when we are allowed to operate. Please check the Home Page of this website for bulletins which will be updated when we have further information.

Future Operation of the Library  When we open in our new home, the procedures under Covid will probably be similar to those in force during the last year or so in the Annex and these are as follows:-

To book an appointment, please email us on, preferably by the end of the previous day to allow time to let the volunteers on duty know that you will be coming. There will be new rules in place such as the wearing of face-masks, hand-sanitising, only one borrower/family in the Library at a time, and quarantining of books. Borrowers will be able to take out more than the usual number of books, but we do ask people, if they handle a book, to either take it home or put it in the quarantine box, so you might find it useful to browse our catalogue before you go. If you are not currently a member, send us an email with your contact details and we will sign you up; membership is free for residents of Lisvane.

We have a good range of reading books to appeal to all ages; we have over 4,500 books: fiction, non-fiction, large print books, children’s books and books for Young Adults. Click on Library Catalogue to see what books we have. We  have a professional  quality photocopier. Please note that because of restricted space in the Annex, the full range of books and facilities will not be available. Please email us if you have a specific question about what is available.

 If we haven’t got a book you want, we can now order it for you from Cardiff Council’s stocks. If you leave your phone number, we will call you and tell you that the book has arrived.

To see our Catalogue on-line: click here: enter the title or the author in which you are interested in the box underneath Search lisvanelibrary’s books. When the page loads, you will see the last half-dozen books we have added at the foot of the page under “Most Recent Activity”. If you click on ‘Your Library’ (next to Collections), you will see all the books we have with most recently added at the top of the list. To check whether we have a specific book, input the title or the author where it says Search lisvanelibrary’s books (not Search site at the top, because then you will be searching all LibraryThing’s libraries!).

If you would like to join the library, click HERE to see our Data Use Policy. The Library is located on the Old School site which on the corner of Llwyn a Pia Road and Heol y Delyn near Lisvane Village centre at CF14 0SX.

We provide a photocopying service during Library opening hours. Our professional quality copier can produce A4 and A3 copies in black on white and also in full colour. Double sided copying, reducing from A3 to A4 and increasing from A4 to A3 is also possible, as is scanning documents up to A3 size.

The Library is a volunteer run community library, independent from Cardiff Council’s library services. It is located in the Annex in the Old School complex on the corner of Llwyn y Pia Road and Heol y Delyn close to the village centre. The Library is run wholly by volunteers. If you would like to help to run the Library, please see the Lisvane Link for contact details, or call in when we are open.

Books are either donated by the public or purchased following fund raising activities. It is the policy of the Management Committee to purchase new titles suggested by readers and the latest books by authors we know to be popular with readers. All books except the pre-school children’s books are registered in the computerised catalogue.

If you are considering donating books, please contact us first; we have limited space in which to store books and it causes us problems if we receive a large quantity of donations at any one time. Please note that suitable books for donation are paperback fiction published within the last five years. Recently published hardback or paperback non-fiction, principally biographies and history, are also popular with our borrowers.

The Library was established by the community following the closure of the public library in 1998 and, after much hard work, was officially opened by the local M.P. on 27th February 1999. Membership is free to everyone living within the administrative community of Lisvane and also children attending the primary school in the village, and their carers. People living outside the area may join but are asked for a £5 joining fee.