Members of Lisvane Community Council

Lisvane Community Council (LCC)

The LCC is a grass roots minor local authority which aims to improve the quality of life of residents and also protect and develop the infrastructure of Lisvane. The LCC takes a special interest in the level of services provided by the County Council, Health Authority Trusts, the Environment Agency and other public bodies. Planning applications affecting Lisvane receive special attention. The LCC works closely with the Lisvane County Councillor and also, when appropriate, our MP and our Welsh Assembly Members.

The Community Council owns the Old School community buildings complex (this does not include the Memorial Hall which is a separate set of buildings). It is let to Lisvane Old School Community Centre, a registered charity that runs the complex. A wide range of activities take place in the Old School and residents are sure of a warm welcome if they join in.

In addition to discussions with Councillor Walker, residents can discuss any issues with the Clerk to the Community Council and/or a Community Councillor. Meetings of the Community Council are usually held on the second Monday of each month (August excepted) at 7.30 pm in the Cabin at the rear of the Old School (on the corner of Heol y Delyn and Llwyn a Pia Road) and residents are welcome to attend.


  • All Members are Independent of any political party apart from Cllr Rees (Conservative).
  • All Members were elected uncontested at the May 2017 election apart from Cllrs Best, Finch and Hancock who were subsequently co-opted
Ron Kelly
Helen HancockChair Eirlys McNeil-WatsonRon Kelly
John ReesDavid JonesVernon Hanson
John ReesDavid JonesVernon Hanson
Clive BoltonAngela WhittleSteve Finch
Clive BoltonAngela WhittleVice Chair Steve Finch
Steve Best

Declaration of Interests Register July 2021

Councillors have the following roles for 2020/21:-

  1. One Voice Wales – Cllr Kelly
  2. Llysfaen Primary School Governing Body – Cllr Whittle
  3. Lisvane Old School Community Centre – Cllrs Hanson, Jones and McNeil-Watson
  4. Environmental Working Party – Cllrs McNeil-Watson and Rees
  5. Staff Working Party – Cllrs Bolton, Jones, Kelly and McNeil-Watson
  6. Policy Committee – Cllrs Bolton and Hanson
  7. PACT Representative – Cllr Hanson
  8. Lisvane Village Plan Working Party – Cllrs Finch, Hanson and McNeil-Watson
  9. Community Website Manager – Cllr Hanson